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Golf is a great way to excercise, enjoy plenty of fresh air and the great outdoors, whilst having fun.
Hitting a few holes can often make it easier to think through difficult situations at work and home.  A round of golf can also be a great way to build social and business contacts.  Many golfers just love the challenge that the sport creates, the joy of choosing the right swing and knowing what and how to perform when confronted with the various challenges the game brings.

I absolutely love the game of Golf and would, like many; be pleased with a bogey, a double bogey a triple bogey, well actually even a quadruple or quintuple bogey; well I didn’t say I was very good.  But having the golf clubs are important to me and most of my golfing friends and my caddy who is always on hand to give me tips and suggestions on the right golf club, shots and stance.
The Right golfing gear especially golf club sets however is a must so here are few good ones which include Junior club sets, ladies club sets and left handed club sets.